Specialty Sprays

Flea, tick & mosquito control and party & event sprays.

Repel ants, mosquitos & other insects from entering your home and overtaking your outdoor spaces.

We offer several “specialty spray” services, such as flea & tick control, mosquito control, party and event sprays, and more.

outdoor party under tent

Foundation Insects

Insects such as carpenter ants and bees, billbugs, wasps, stink bugs and beetles, are a nuisance and can cause expensive damage to your home. Control these household pests with monthly sprays before they enter your home.

Party or Event Spray

Having an outdoor party or event? We can eliminate and repel insect pests by spraying prior to your event.

Mosquito Control

Enjoy outdoor living by controlling mosquitos which are a nuisance and can cause a variety of diseases.

Growth Regulators

Reduce annual mowing, clipping and pruning costs with an application of growth regulator on turf and ornamental plants. 

Do you need help with landscape spraying or weed control?

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