Trees & Shrubs

“Plant health care is plant management, not just pest management.”

Keep your trees & shrubs healthy and bug-free with our eco-friendly sprays.

Tree & shrub care including gypsy moth, bagworm and lanternfly control & treatment, foliage spray, protectants, party spray, tick spray, fertilizers & root feeding in Central & South Jersey.

Newly planted trees & shrubs get watered differently than established trees & shrubs. Consult our watering guide for more info.

Season-Long Spray Programs

We visit your property every 4-6 weeks to spray during the growning season and deep root feed in the Fall. This is a must for an expensive landscape with many varieties of plants. Prevention is the key for most problems associated with ornamental trees and shrubs.

Dormant/Horticultural Oil

We provide environmentally-safe spray, targeting specific damaging plant pests, especially scale insects and mites. This material can be applied prior- or post-growing season, controlling insects in their dormant stages. 

trees being sprayed

Gypsy Moth Control

These caterpillars can devastate your shade and ornamental trees as well as litter your property with fecal droppings. Gypsy moths can be controlled with one spray.

Foliage Sprays

Throughout the growing season we apply top quality materials to control leaf eating insects and foliar fungus on a variety of landscape plants and trees.

Bagworm Control

These resilient worms can destroy evergreens before you ever see them. But we monitor their hatching period so you don’t need to, and when the time is right we strike! Whether you call it bagworm control, spray or treatment, count on Delaware Valley Spray Service and you’ll call bagworms dead!

Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted lanternflies damage trees by feeding on their sap and secreting a substance that becomes a mold and also attracts other insects. Our safe, environmentally-friendly treatment will eliminate lanternflies and stop their spread to other plants and trees.

Deep Root Feedings

Slow release liquid fertilizer and organic materials injected into the root system is extremely beneficial for root development and plant health and can be performed in Spring or Fall depending on the situation.

healthy shrubs

Highlight on Expertise

Tree & shrub services are provided by Chris O’Brien. Chris became a NJ Licensed Tree Expert in 1996 as an employee of Richard May Tree Service. He joined the team at DVSS in 2000 where he learned to be an expert in tree spraying and related services.

Vapor Guard

This is a winter protectant/anti-desiccant spray for broadleaf and needled evergreens. This service is also used to protect newly installed plantings against moisture loss.

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