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We provide Weed, Pest, Crabgrass & Poison Ivy Control, Gypsy Moth & Bagworm Control, Lawn & Turf Care, and Tree & Shrub Care.

Lawn & Turf

Lawn, turf and grass care including grass seed, fertilizer, lime, weed control, aeration, insect control and more.

Weeds & Brush

Weed control, poison ivy and vegetation control, especially in wooded lots, along driveways, parking lots and fence lines.

Trees & Shrubs

Deep root feeding & winter protectants, foliage sprays, soil injections, gypsy moth & bagworm control & more.

Specialty Sprays

Flea/tick control, mosquito control, foundation insects,  growth regulators, party & event sprays and more.

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Delaware Valley Spray Service, Inc., a family-owned business, has been providing outdoor and landscaping spray services since 1961. We’re specialists in plant health care, lawn care applications, vegetation management and a variety of specialty spray services for finer residential, commercial, industrial and institutional properties.

We use the latest state-of-the-art spray and application equipment, we always use name-brand products with proven reliability, and we have the experience and expertise to know WHEN to spray. This is what we do, and we’ve been doing it for a long time!

Our Clients


Landscape beds, trees, shrubs, stone & gravel, foundations, patios, walkways.

Municipal & Institutional

Sports fields, parks, parking lots, courtyards, school IPM, fence lines, growth regulators.


Corporate complexes, telecommunication sites, solar sites, tank farms, equine establishments, golf courses, store fronts, eco-management.

Our Highlights

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Successful History

63 years in business, and almost 130 years combined of professional experience in the industry.

Top-Notch Approach

We use only superior materials, equipment, techniques and methods to get your property in tip-top shape.

Go-To Expertise

Many professional landscape spray services often refer their customers to us when they need better answers or results.

Customized for You

Unlike most of our peers, we provide customizable programs that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Our Promise

If you’re not happy with your current lawn, tree or vegetation control service, before locking yourself into a contract, call DVSS! We offer a free, no obligation, non-binding consultation, evaluation and proposal.

Even if you authorize DVSS to perform services on your property, you are never “locked in.” If you’re not completely satisfied with the service or the results that we provide, you can cancel at any time.

A sampling of what we do


Lawn Maintenance

Leave your lawncare to us! Our seeding & fertilization treatments will keep your lawn looking vibrant.


Weed Control

We control and prevent unwanted vegetation and weed infestation to keep your property looking great.

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Our eco-friendly spray services will keep annoying pests away from your lawn and trees.


Outdoor Events

Having an outdoor party or event? We can eliminate and repel insect pests by spraying prior to the big day.


Tree Care

We protect roots, winterize, maintain healthy soil and control the pests that can damage trees.


Fence Lines

No more weed whackers! Our precision sprays will control vegetation along your fence line.

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